Our Process

Our goal is simply to collaborate with you, your school, students and community to transform your space into a living legacy. We take your ideas, mascots, photos and provide you with mockups helping to bring your vision to life before we begin. We create a budget that aligns with the design you select and put a plan together that fits within your schedule. We work quick and in most cases through the night to get the project done with minimal impact to your school. Depending on the nature and location of the mural we do a clear sealer that allows your maintenance team to clean the wall normally without effecting the art.


We want to take your vision, ideas, space and transform it. To really make an impact with the final concept, we brainstorm and get your ideas, the students feedback and push to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.



Based on your ideas and goals we put together artwork concepts. We digitally mock them up on the walls and space you want to have painted. From there we pinpoint and lock in the final idea along with paint colors and your schools budget.



Once a project timeline is finalized we go to work. We show up, prep the space, crank up the tunes and start your mural. From anywhere between 1-5 days we work around the clock to hit the deadline and deliver the finished product.

Our Paint

MONTANA CANS offer spray cans and other artist tools not only for the creative minds but also for professionals, especially since all ingredients are of highest quality. The famous Montana GOLD is known and appreciated for its wide color range excellent for fine art or mural painting. The Montana BLACK can is the winter-proof allrounder spray can beloved by artists for murals, thanks to its durability. We only use the best high-quality paint on the market for all of our murals.


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